If You Can’t Change It, Change Your Attitude.

– Maya Angelou

When I started my spring break, I didn’t intend on working very much. Then I got my schedule. I’ll be working twice the shifts that I usually do and at first I wasn’t excited about this. In fact, you could ay I was pretty annoyed. Who wants to spend their long-awaited spring break working?

But as the day went on and I started dreading the next morning, it occurred to me that if I couldn’t change my situation, it was time to change my attitude. I took some time and thought about my situation and it occurred to me how great of an opportunity I’d been given.


I’ll be training to do a job in which I can make more money at the place I already work. I’ll see my work friends, whom I adore. I’ll get a fantastic paycheck at the end of the week. On top of all that, it’ll give me the opportunity to get a taste of what life will be like once I’m out of school. Something I’ve been looking forward to for quite some time.

The point of this post is simply to say, the power of shifting your attitude when you aren’t so psyched about your situation is immeasurable. I encourage you to take a look at any situation that has been bothering you and maybe view it from a different angle. You may be amazed at where this simple shift will take you.

Have a wonderful week, lovelies.

painted-heartKristy Lynn

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