Unnecessary Pressure: Humanity’s Passion Project

Why do we put so much pressure on ourselves? Pressure to be popular, sexually appealing, to go to college, to start a family, to be “successful.” I often wonder how we withstand it all.


Lately, I’ve been doing a lot of soul searching. I took some time to try to figure out what my “calling” or “life’s passion” is. The idea sounded inspiring to me. Having a “passion” to build my life around. Unfortunately, this endeavor only ended in me feeling exceedingly depressed, stressed out, and wondering, “Why is this such a big deal?”

I consider myself a very passionate person. I’m passionate about music and writing. I’m passionate about my friends and meeting new, interesting people. I’m passionate about life. But apparently, that doesn’t live up to the general expectation of what my “passion” should be. Society wants you to pick a passion that you can profit from. I think this is a ridiculous waste because, hey, what if your passion is painting, but you’re not so great at it? Are you just going to give it up? I would hope not.


When I was in middle school an author (who shall remain nameless) came to speak to all the students about what it’s like being a writer. I don’t remember hardly anything he said except for this one thing:

“What’s the difference between a writer and a park bench? A park bench can support a family.”

Being a kid that aspired to and was encouraged to write, this was a huge shock to me. I didn’t write seriously again for quite some time after that. How sad it is that because of the expectations we put on ourselves, we so easily give up what we love at the first sign of trouble.

Almost eight years later, here I am writing again. Truthfully, I believe that if you love something you’ll always find your way back to it. Don’t let the pressure the world tries to put on you keep you away from what you love to do.


This is your friendly reminder to pick up your paint brush, guitar, or pen and chase down whatever dream you have because in the end, it’s your life, your time, your sanity. It’s your passion, not theirs.

painted-heartKristy Lynn

What passions have you been keeping on the sidelines to appease others? What positive changes would come about if you just accepted yourself and what you’re passionate about? Let me know in the comments below!

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