15 Times Harry Styles Was Your Attitude Towards College

*suddenly feels weight of crippling debt and entire future resting on shoulders*

Back in my freshman year of college, I decided to start my first blog. It was messy, ugly and not so great. That being said, there are some posts on there that I love and wanted to bring them along with me to my new, updated blog. So, here’s a fun little throwback post. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it back in my baby writing days!

1. When you’re excited about living on campus… and then you realize how much extra debt it’s going to put you in.

dissopointed harry

2. When you see an extremely attractive, possible new crush on campus.

youre perfect to harry

3. … And you find out they’re engaged.

caught off gaurd harry

4. When you already planned on skipping class and then you get the “no class today” email from your professor.

sly smile harry

5. When you finish your presentation and there is no doubt in your mind you just butchered it.

presentation harry

6. When you’re in the library and someone accidentally plays a ~questionable~ video at max volume.

WUT harry

7. When you have a group project and you know nobody has any intention of helping you do any of the work.

harry can tell that your heart isnt in it

8. When you professor assigns work over spring break.

why do you hate harry what has he done

9. What you wish you were doing every second of the day.

nap time harry

10. When you sleep through class on a really important day.

screaming marcel

11. But it’s cool because your friend emailed you the notes.


12. When you’re sure you just miserably failed an exam.

crying harry

13. Then you get it back and you made a D.

dancing harry

14. Or even better… a C.

another dancing harry

15. And just when you think you’ve finally got this whole college thing under control, but then reality hits.

dramatic fall harry

To all my college friends that are about to graduate, I am so very proud of you all. College is more work than most people realize. It is mental stress, emotional pain and big life choices that are insane to expect of people at this age. Still you persist. You power through and now you are approaching the finish line. Congratulations. You earned this. I wish great success, true love and deep joy for each of you.


painted-heartKristy Lynn

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