5 Baby Steps Toward A More Peaceful, Grounded Life.

Lately, in my own life, I’ve been trying to focus on being a more ~grounded~ individual. So often our thoughts and things going on in the world get the best of us and interfere with our inner peace. So, I’ve outlined 5 simple baby steps that have helped me in my own day-to-day life and I sincerely hope they help you on your journey to a more grounded existence. One full of mindfulness, peace and joy that you create all on your own!

1. Pause


An old friend asks you if you want to get together for coffee tomorrow. Someone hands you another shot even though you know you’re approaching your limit for the evening. Before you do or say anything, pause. Are you actually going to go through with those plans or are you going to awkwardly cancel last minute (lame)? Do you really want to wake up tomorrow with a headache and copious amounts of regret (we all know this is never worth it)?

If you just take 5-10 seconds to think before you speak or act, you will be more in tune with your rational side, rather than being impulsive. This will allow you to make more calculated, solid decisions. It is always better to tell someone that tomorrow doesn’t work for you rather than lying and forever being seen as flaky. And for the love of all things sweet and holy, have some self respect and put down the shot.

2. Take 15 minutes a day to do something for you


Whether you read a book, watch a few funny YouTube videos or just dim the lights and enjoy the silence, make time to do something small for yourself everyday. If you think you can’t make 15 minutes for yourself, I challenge that. Take the time you’d be scrolling through Facebook, stressing about what everyone else is doing, and turn that into you time. You deserve it.

3. Meditate


I know, I know, you hear this a lot but, I’M SO SERIOUS, TRY THIS.

Meditation is unique to each person. How you choose to do it is completely up to you. To this day, I still can’t sit up and meditate. I lay down at night and put on a guided sleep meditation and wake up feeling totally renewed with a fresh state of mind. It’s pretty amazing what our subconscious absorbs if we just give it the chance. Put positive in and you’ll radiate it throughout your life.

4. Cut your caffeine dependency

no coffee.gif

This is probably the most difficult thing on the list for a lot of people, but it’s so worth the challenge. ESPECIALLY if you have anxiety.

You don’t have to quit all your favorite caffeinated drinks tomorrow, but maybe start by getting a smaller cup than you usually do. If you really love your coffee, switch to decaf! It’ll be a little brutal for the first few days, but eventually, you’ll start to realize that you’re sleeping better and your energy is lasting throughout the day because your body is no longer dependent on an outside source to provide it. You’ll have less jitters, less anxiety and your body will feel more stable.

Trust me, you’re going to feel so much better without the caffeine.

5. Smile at 5 people everyday

dustin smile.gif

A quick smile and a “hi” won’t just brighten the day of a stranger, it’ll brighten your day as well. When we put positive vibes out into the world, positive vibes come back to us! Humans are powerful creatures and we can either make the world a darker place for someone or show them a little light.

Something as simple as a passing smile can make someone feel seen. Like they aren’t just another face melting into the crowd. You never know what someone is dealing with and I can’t tell you how many times the kindness of a stranger was exactly what I needed to pull through a difficult day.

This step can easily be done at a grocery store, coffeeshop, restaurant, school, work, literally ANYWHERE. The world is full of people. Share a smile 🙂

reading peacefully.gif

Achieving a grounded, peaceful life is not difficult. It just requires a little action on our part. A touch of mindfulness and intention.

Remember that having a difficult day is not a setback, but a simple part of life. If you find yourself getting caught up in the whirlwinds of life, don’t beat yourself up over it. Tomorrow is a new day. A fresh page in your story. Be proud of yourself for what you did today with the intent to do even better tomorrow.

Wishing you a life of joy and peace,

painted-heartKristy Lynn

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