You’re So Vain, You Probably Think This Post Is About You.

So far this month we’ve talked about what to do when our lives are falling apart, being betrayed by the person we love and bringing peace into our lives despite all that. We’ve even created a playlist to help deal with the pain.

Well, my friends, I’ve got another playlist for you today! This one is less about the pain and more about the empowerment that comes after. Once we’ve pulled ourselves out of the ocean of emotion and start to remember who we are. That is what this playlist is all about. It’s experiencing the ebb and flow of emotions, but still picking yourself up everyday and charging forward into life with a fierceness.

I hope these songs remind you of the amazing, powerful person that you are and bring you the empowerment you’re seeking. I already know you’re going to bounce back with a vengeance!

To listen to the whole playlist, head over to my Spotify here or scroll down for an overview of tracks, including links to individual songs and my favorite lines from each. Much love. – KL

I Want To Break Free – Queen

“I want to break free from your lies, you’re so self satisfied I don’t need you. I’ve got to break free. God knows, God knows I want to break free…”


You’re So Vain – Carly Simon

“Oh, you had me several years ago when I was still naive. Well, you said that we made such a pretty pair and that you would never leave, but you gave away the things you loved and one of them was me…”


Irreplaceable- Beyoncé

“You must not know about me. I can have another you by tomorrow, so don’t you ever for a second get to thinking you’re irreplaceable…”


Since U Been Gone – Kelly Clarkson

“But since you been gone, I can breathe for the first time. I’m so moving on, yeah, yeah. Thanks to you, now I get what I want. Since you been gone…”


Survivor – Destiny’s Child

“Now that you’re out of my life, I’m so much better. You thought that I’d be weak without you, but I’m stronger. You thought that I’d be broke without you, but I’m richer. You thought that I’d be sad without you, I laugh harder. You thought I wouldn’t grow without you, now I’m wiser. Thought that I’d be helpless without you, but I’m smarter. You thought that I’d be stressed without you, but I’m chillin’…”


I Will Survive – Gloria Gaynor

“At first I was afraid, I was petrified, kept thinking I could never live without you by my side, but then I spent so many nights thinking how you did me wrong, and I grew strong, and I learned how to get along…”


Rumour Has It – Adele

“Bless your soul, you’ve got you’re head in the clouds. You made a fool out of you and, boy, she’s bringing you down. She made your heart melt, but you’re cold to the core. Now rumor has it she ain’t got your love anymore…”


Shut Up and Let Me Go – The Ting Tings

“Shut up and let me go. This hurts, what I can’t show. For the last time you had me in bits, now shut up and let me go…”


Feeling Myself – Nicki Minaj, Beyoncé

“B*tches ain’t got punchlines or flow. I have both and an empire also. Keep gettin’ gifts from Santa Claus at the North Pole. Today I’m icy, but I’m prayin’ for some more snow. Let that ho ho, let that ho know…”


Bulletproof – La Roux

“Been there, done that, messed around, I’m having fun, don’t put me down. I’ll never let you sweep me off my feet. I won’t let you in again, the messages I’ve tried to send, my information’s just not going in. I’m burning bridges shore to shore. I break away from something more. I’m not turned off to love until it’s cheap…”


I Love It – Icona Pop, Charli XCX

“You’re on a different road, I’m in the Milky Way. You want me down on earth, but I am up in space. You’re so damn hard to please, we gotta kill this switch…”


You Give Love A Bad Name – Bon Jovi

“An angel’s smile is what you sell. You promise me heaven, then put me through hell…”


Stronger – Britney Spears

“Hush, just stop. There’s nothing you can do or say, baby. I’ve had enough. I’m not your property as from today, baby. You might think that I won’t make it on my own, but now I’m stronger than yesterday. Now it’s nothing but my way. My loneliness ain’t killing me no more…”


I Don’t F*ck With You – Big Sean, E-40

“I got a million trillion things I’d rather f*ckin’ do than to be f*ckin’ with you…”


***Flawless – Beyoncé

“I took some time to live my life, but don’t think I’m just his little wife. Don’t get it twisted, get it twisted. This my sh*t, bow down b*tches…”


Titanium – David Guetta, Sia

“I’m bulletproof, nothing to lose. Fire away, fire away. Ricochet, you take your aim. Fire away, fire away. You shoot me down but I won’t fall. I am titanium…”


Dancing With Myself – Generation X

“Well there’s nothing to lose and there’s nothing to proveI’ll be dancing with myself”


I hope this playlist was a party for you. A celebration of your liberation! Your incredible strength is paying off with every passing day and you’re only going to keep getting stronger. Keep looking forward to the future because it is wonderfully bright.

painted-heartKristy Lynn

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