Practicing Gratitude: A Special Thanks To Few Special People

Life is quite a wild ride. One that I wouldn’t want to take on my own.

Gratitude is something I talk about quite regularly here on Argent & Or and I thought, what better way to practice it myself than here on the blog! I know this won’t be a particularly popular post for the public, but for me, it feels important to put out there.

This is a shout out, or rather, a special thanks, to a few people that made 2018 great!

To my friend in a land far far away…

long distance friends.gif

At one point you were literally on the other side of the world and even now you’re states away. Yet, somehow you are still one of the people I’m closest to. No matter how much time passes between visits (or phone dates), we always seem to pick up exactly where we left off. Over the years you’ve taught me that long distances don’t mean much to true friends and that if you can trust a person you just met to sing (and place) in a talent show with you, you can trust them with just about anything.

This year you’ve kept me grounded, rational and somehow hopeful. You’re my constant reminder that no matter what life hands me, I can always escape and crash on a couch an ocean away.

To my work brother…

ross mon.gif

When I first met you, I wasn’t exactly sure what to think. From my first few impressions of you I knew you were intelligent, levelheaded and focused. Little did I know that within a few months I would learn that you were also hilarious, ridiculous and the big brother I never had.

I am convinced that everyone deserves a friend like you. Someone that is always there to listen without judgement and remind you who you are when you’ve lost sight of it. Someone that is honest with you, even when it’s not what you want to hear. That’s a quality friend and I count myself very lucky to have found that in you.

Thank you for your wisdom, encouragement and the many laughs. I hope I’m even half the friend to you that you’ve been to me. Here’s to another year of fantastic friendship!

… and his partner in crime that knows there’s nothing a good girl talk and some food can’t fix…


In meeting my work brother, I was also blessed with meeting one of the kindest people I’ve ever known. You reached out to me during some of my most heartbroken times and offered a safe place to vent when you had no obligation to do so. That alone speaks volumes about your character and genuine heart and I can’t thank you enough for your kindness. The world is a much better place for having you in it.

Getting to know you better has been a fantastic perk of 2018. Being able to call you my friend is an honor and I can’t wait to share more pizza with you in 2019!

Oh yeah, and you make my work brother the happiest guy alive, so I guess that’s cool, too.


To my favorite Rami Malek look alike…


I have never met anyone even remotely like you. The level of quick wit and sarcasm you possess is something I aspire to have. Although sometimes I want to throw things at the you, you make me laugh harder than most people have ever been able to. You have the unique gift of being able to bring a smile to the face of anyone you meet. That’s something special.

Thanks for all the good times, giggles and goofy adventures we’ve shared so far. You’ve taught me the value of being able to laugh at myself and to not take life so seriously. Lessons I greatly appreciate having the opportunity to learn.

More than that, you’ve given me a friend I know I can count on. A listening ear in my times of trouble. A brother I love so dearly. I’m very lucky to have such a lively, wonderful friend in my life. I can’t wait to see what adventures this next year holds for us!

To the best motivational speaker…


I started working with you right after my first real heartbreak and without hardly knowing me, you took the time to hype me up and reminded me of my worth. Since then you’ve motivated me through several more heartbreaks and many of life’s disappointments. Reminding me to rise above because “I am up here and those that hurt me are down there.” Never letting me forget that I don’t get my confidence and joy from the outside world, but already possess it within myself. Telling me “I don’t need no man,” but always being excited for me when I meet someone, no matter how quickly your protective instincts kick in.

Thank you for taking the time to encourage that heartbroken 20 year old when she thought the world was crashing down around her. Thank you for always having my back, always hyping me up and for being a great example of what a strong woman looks like. You’re amazing.

To the most fabulous man I know…

just between us girls.gif

What can I say? I could write an entire series of books on our many insane adventures together. Some good, some bad and some we can’t even remember, but I wouldn’t trade any of them for the world.

I forget that we haven’t known each other my whole life. That being said, I’m thankful that I’ll get to know you for the rest of it. You’ve made me a more well-rounded, open-minded person and always remind me not to be so hard on myself. You never let me forget about life’s endless possibilities. You keep me dreaming. For that, I thank you.

Thank you for the friendship and all the memories we’ve already made. I can’t wait to make more in 2019!

To the Dean to my… Dean?

dean mirror.gif

I haven’t set eyes on you in actual years, yet somehow you are the most tagged person in the memes I share on Facebook. You cheer me on through Snapchat messages and never cease to make me smile with cute animal videos on Instagram. Social media may be our regular channel of communication, but I know at any moment I need you, you’ll be right there.

We supported each other back in our CNA days and the fact that we still do to this day amazes me. It may be through Supernatural videos, napping memes and puppy pictures, but those funny little posts are what keep me going some days. What a wonderful friend you’ve been to me. I mean, who else is going to ward off potential players in the comment section beneath my selfies?

Thank you for your kindness, friendship and for being your authentic, hilarious self. I appreciate you more than you know. I think the best way to sum all this up is in the words of our shared spirit animal, Dean Winchester…

“There ain’t no me if there ain’t no you.”

To my soul sister with the cutest baby…

happy baby boy.gif

College was not a great time for me, but I honestly think the only reason I was meant to go was so that I could meet you. A soul sister that never lets me forget how “important and interesting” I am. No matter how dark things get, you never let me forget how loved I am. You keep me inspired, motivated and ultimately, sane.

You gave me the gift of being an aunt to a happy little boy I get to shower with unconditional love. A little baby bumble bee to one day cheer on at little league games, read bedtime stories and give advice to. I can’t wait to meet the little man he’s going to grow up to be. With a mother like you, I’m not even remotely worried.

Thank you for all your support, encouragement and the sweet moments we’ve shared. Thank you for letting me be part of your incredible family. It is truly one of the greatest blessing I’ve ever received.

To my work mother/real life Lorelai…

tenor (1).gif

When I started my first “big girl job,” the last thing I expected was to meet a woman I could call both a mother and a best friend. No matter the time, no matter the place, you’re always there for me. You know how I’m feeling before I even utter a word. You surprise me with food and cozy socks just because. You’re always on my side, always honest with me and you’re a person I can’t imagine living my life without. How I managed all those years prior to meeting you… well, that’s a mystery to me.

Thank you for seeing the best in me and being the most wonderful work mom a girl could ask for. You’re the realest.

To my day one…

childhood frand.gif

No one reminds me who I am faster than you. You look at me for two seconds and immediately know what I’m thinking, what I’m feeling and what I had for lunch last Wednesday. If I’m acting like anyone other than myself, you put a stop to that real quick. You never let me doubt myself, never let me forget who I am and always have my back. You’re my sister and I wouldn’t trade you for the world.

I could say a million wonderful things about you and the friendship we share, but honestly I’d just sound like a broken record. We tell each other plenty, but here’s one more for the books. Thank you for your never ending loyalty, honesty and for always waiting around the corner with a good movie and a bottle of wine. Here’s to twenty more years of sisterhood!

To my actual little sister and all time favorite person…


You are my reason to wake up everyday and fight through whatever life throws my way. You make me laugh until I cry, remind me to slow down and enjoy the nerdy things in life, and get on my absolute last nerve. That being said, there isn’t anyone I’d rather be a big sister to. Your talent, beauty and spirit is unmatched. I am so proud of the young woman you’ve become.

I say it all the time and I’ll say it forever. You’re the Stiles to my Scott, the Sambora to my Bon Jovi and the Sam to my Dean. You are my best friend and I love you more than life. Thank you for just being you.

One last thing…

girl group hug.gif

I don’t know where I’d be without all the people in my life. Each of you have played an important role in making me the person I am going into 2019 as and I’m beyond grateful. I hope this year brings you all lots of joy, peace, love and friends that are as wonderful as you. I love you guys.

Happy New Year!

painted-heartKristy Lynn


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