Sober Saturday: Week Five

Happy Saturday, everyone! I don’t know about your week, but mine has been one of many emotions.

It started in a pretty rough place. Watching a friend get their heart broken is never an enjoyable experience. Along with brainstorming things I could do to comfort her, I found myself praying she didn’t cope the way I used to. I hoped she’d make healthier choices than going to get plastered to try to forget the pain.

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About halfway through this week, I was able to reunite with some dear college friends. It was a wonderful night that was very much needed. Sometimes you just have to press pause and allow yourself to breathe. For a split second I caught myself looking over to the bar. This was one of those times I’d usually have a drink with my friends, but then I remembered, “Oh, yeah, I’m sober.”

Then came the most beautiful wedding I’ve ever attended. Two of my favorite people tied the knot and to say I was honored to be there would be an understatement. I was in a beautiful place surrounded by people that might as well be family. We laughed, told stories, and I smiled so much my cheeks hurt. It was absolutely lovely.

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As we moved to the drink table (none of which were alcoholic), one of my friends jokingly whispered, “You brought the vodka, right?” I laughed for a moment and responded with, “Probably should’ve trusted that responsibility to someone besides the sober friend.”

People are quick to offer drinks or invite me to go to bars with them. I’m not offended by this or annoyed that they forget I’m not drinking right now. Most times I just give them a smile before they exclaim, “Oh shoot! I’m sorry! I forgot you’re not drinking.” Really, it’s fine. I think it’s sweet they still think to include me.

Processed with VSCO with  presetI’ll get back to having a drink with my friends, but when I do, I’ll have a healthier relationship with whatever is mixed with the soda in my cup. I’ll know my limits and my boundaries better than before. I’ll be able to enjoy that part of my life knowing I worked hard to get there. Knowing I earned it. And that’s far more important to me than any drink I said no to this week.

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