Sober Saturday: Week Nine

Alcohol? What alcohol? It hasn’t crossed my mind all week.

Whether I was serving tables, running errands, writing, or facing an uncomfortable situation, alcohol remained the furthest thing from my mind. I only stopped to think about it when I had to write this post. I sat down at my computer to write and couldn’t pinpoint a single alcohol related thought. It was a pretty amazing realization.

I still served alcohol to customers, still hung out with friends that were drinking while I remained sober. For once, it didn’t bother me one bit. Part of me didn’t even process that alcohol was around me. Thinking back on it now, I feel free. Alcohol is slowly losing it’s grip on my life.

I no longer feel the need to reach for a drink when an obstacle falls into my path. The thought doesn’t even cross my mind. I’ve found other things that bring me much more joy than alcohol ever did.

So, while this week’s update is sort of a short one, it’s an important one. It marks a turning point in my sobriety journey. It marks my freedom.

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