An Answer For Everyone That Questions Tattoos & Piercings

I’m convinced I should start a seminar called, “Why I Decided To Pierce My Nose” with a follow up retreat called, “What On Earth Gave Me The Idea To Get A Tattoo.” As many times as I get asked, I’d sell out arenas answering those questions.

Of course, there’s the simple, to-the-point answer of, “because I wanted to,” but we all know it’s deeper than that. Then again, it doesn’t always have to be.


Why did I pierce my nose? Because I think nose piercings are cute. They’re edgy and sexy and I like them. And guess what? It’s ok if you don’t!

What on earth gave me the idea to get a tattoo, you ask? Without giving you my whole life story, the word I chose has a profound personal meaning and it’s written in my little sister’s handwriting. I didn’t go looking for my tattoo, it came to me. It was just meant to be.

My piercing reminds me that I’m fierce. My tattoo reminds me that I’m a survivor with a beautiful story to tell, a lovely song to sing. And you may meet some of my fellow edgy free-spirits that don’t have meaningful explanations for their body alterations, but that’s ok. It’s their body. It’s their call.

No one is going to hell for putting ink in their skin or metal in their face (or any other place, we don’t judge) and it’s not your place to tell them otherwise. I know you worry for us and think we’re going to end up regretting our decisions, but I promise, the majority of us gave it a lot of thought before taking the plunge. Worst case scenario? Piercings can be taken out. Tattoos can be covered up. We only have these bodies for a limited amount of time, so really, we won’t even have our oh-so-permanent tattoos forever.

We won’t regret our tattoos when we get old because they’re part of our story. We won’t regret our piercings because they’ll remind us of younger, wilder days (not to mention, the jewelry can be changed to fit our ever-progressing age). Personally, I see nothing wrong with being a tatted up, nose ring wearing, pirate grandma. I honestly can’t wait to be mistaken for Jack Sparrow while parading my grandkids around Disney World.

jackie sparrow.gif

The point of this post is simply to remind you, if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all. Want to know the story behind a tat? Ask away! Want to tell us how cute our jewelry is with our outfit? We totally know, but tell us anyway! Want to know what demon possessed us to make this oh-so-life-altering, totally permanent “mistake?” Keep walking, Janet! We’re happy, we’re healthy, and yes, we’re probably planning to get more.

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3 thoughts on “An Answer For Everyone That Questions Tattoos & Piercings

  1. We finally live in an age where we know for a fact people don’t regret their tattoos when they get old because plenty of people in their 60s and 70s are covered in tattoos! The only thing I regret about mine is not having more yet. 🙂


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