When I get to feeling down, I find that sometimes it’s simply because I’ve fallen behind on the little things that bring me joy. Taking just a few minutes out of each day to make sure I’m doing these little things helps to keep my spirits up. Although these points are quite basic, they’re also the easiest things to forget about in the everyday rush of life.

If you find yourself feeling down, go through this list and see if there’s anything you’ve fallen behind on, take action, and watch how it changes your mood. Even if it doesn’t totally shift your attitude, you’ll still end your day with a clean space, time well spent, and a strong foundation for tomorrow!

Make your bed… but wash the sheets first.

I think most of us agree there are few things as lovely as snuggling up in some freshly washed sheets and smelling the fabric softener on your pillowcase. With my current space being so small, making my bed and having fresh sheets is a big deal to me. It really helps make the room feel more put together and the smell is so good they made it available in a scented warming wax.


Get some fresh air.

Put down your phone and step outside long enough to take a deep breath. You’re not going to realize how much you’ve missed fresh air until you finish exhaling. It’s like hitting a human reset button. Take a second to listen to the world around you. Take note of the little, comforting sounds of your everyday life that you miss when you’re not feeling your best.


Eat some nutritious (and delicious) food.

Or comfort food, whatever floats your boat. I will say, I find eating a nice warm soup or fresh salad boosts my mood faster than heavy chicken tacos. Although… a chicken taco does sound really good right now.


Drink WATER. No, the water in your coffee doesn’t count.

For someone as obsessed with reusable water bottles as me, I am THE WORST at drinking water. But last week, after going two days on nothing but lattes and orange soda, my body pressed the break peddle in the form of a migraine. Guys, drink. water. I know we all like to pretend our veins are filled with nothing but Starbucks coffee, but we HAVE to drink water more than once a week. Darn you, science.


Put on your favorite music and get moving.

Whether you want to put in your headphones and hit the gym or put on the High School Musical 2 soundtrack and dance along in your living room (ya know, just to see if you still remember the dances), move your body! I personally like to dance like no one is watching. It’s actually really fun and I always end up St. Nick-style laughing at myself, especially if my sister joins in!


Organize your life.

As a self-proclaimed stationary nerd, I must say this is my favorite part of this list. I always feel so satisfied after I’ve cleaned my room and updated my planners, lists, and goals.

You may prefer to reorganize your closet, go through your garage or FINALLY wash your makeup brushes. Whatever makes you feel like your life is in order is perfectly fine. As long as you feel lighter and more accomplished once it’s done!


Let your inner child out.

This one is probably the hardest for most people. Just play! Get out your coloring book, put on some throwback music, watch your favorite childhood movie or TV show, do some arts and crafts… allow yourself to have some solitary, harmless fun. No judgement.



Getting your feelings out on paper works emotional miracles. Not sure where to start? I have a whole post on different ways to journal here. Give it a read and enjoy trying the different ways of purging your thoughts onto the paper. Or, ya know, you could just make up your own? It’s your journal. You have total creative control.


Talk to/make plans with a friend.

Can’t seem to pull yourself out of this “feeling down funk?” Call, text, or visit a friend. I honestly don’t know what I’d do without my loved ones. They’re absolute champs at being able to cheer me up and remind me who I am.

Positive online communities are great for this as well. Drop a comment in the section below! You might just make a new friend.


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