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Every one of us has a unique experience here on this earth, but maybe not as unique as we think. We all have times of celebration, times of sorrow and times of triumph.

This is your wake up call, your tough love, your virtual hug reminding you that someone else has been where you’re standing. That you’re never alone because, really, we’re all in this together. Sure, I write from my own experience, but my hope is that you’ll see yourself in my words and feel the big-sisterly love coming your way.

This is a series of sass, an avalanche of advice, a helpful heart-to-heart. This is the human experience. Our collective story. This is Living with Kristy Lynn.


meet the a

Snapchat-341023031Kristy Lynn is a music-loving, fun fact-collecting, art-obsessed blogger from the United States. She has been writing since she was 8 years old and loves nothing more than putting pen to paper (or in this case, fingers to keyboard).

When she isn’t sharing her thoughts online, you can expect to find her taking pictures of her many pets, spending quality time with her loved ones, or getting lost in the nearest office supply store.

While she currently enjoys life as someone benefiting from therapy, she hopes to one day fuse her love of writing with a career in clinical psychology. Kristy devotes her life to helping others through positivity, encouragement and being as transparent as possible.